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About Sanja

Hey! I’m Sanja 


I’m so happy you stopped by. Let me introduce myself by saying that I’m a very proud (and sometimes tired) entrepreneur. I’ve been running businesses since I was in my teens. Make-up applications, gift baskets (don’t ask), and photography, all the way to my current gig as the Co-Founder of OMAI Creative, and you guessed it, Co-Founder of our beloved BIZ Sassy! I knew very early on that I wanted to be my own boss and that my inner sass and reluctance to do things the way you’re “supposed” to do them would either take me very far in life, or would get me fired from whatever corporate job I happened to be doing. Luckily, I never got fired (I was quite a great employee, thank you very much) but, I knew that my entrepreneurial heart was meant to be happy and free (doing something creative and fun). So, I quit my 10 year career in Human Resource Management to pursue business, joy, life and love. 


Believe it or not, most of my passion for self-employment comes from a strong desire to live somewhere near a beach, where I can paint and draw alongside my 2 amazing kids and hubby Gamal, right after we shop at a local market coming home to prepare Instagram-worthy dishes. As you can tell, I’m a creative romantic (I can’t help it, Pisces over here) and because of that, everything I do is from a place of love and passion. On the more serious, and grounded side – which I promise, I do have – I firmly believe that life is part “Law of Attraction” part hard work, and entirely how you look at/handle things. I’ve learned valuable lessons as I battled many hurdles throughout life, including depression and anxiety, but I’m grateful for all of it as it’s shaped me into who I am today. A loving mom and wife, with a sarcastic and self-deprecating sense of humour who has a strong desire and passion to support women as they embark on their own journeys into entrepreneurialism aka #bosslady status and ultimately, to their ‘happy place’ destinations, beach or otherwise. 







Leaving a decent, well paying career, one I studied for and worked hard to excel through, was not an easy decision. Especially not as I made that decision shortly after my second baby was born, and not long after hubby decided to leave his job to go back to school to pursue his passion for graphic design. IT WAS TERRIFYING and looking back at it all, it was quite possibly the craziest thing we’ve both ever done – other than flying 11,000KM to be together (romantic, Pisces…remember?). But, it was equally as exhilarating and it left us with no choice but to succeed, and to go at it together, full force. OMAI Creative is a branding, graphic and web design digital agency which I now run with my hubby, and it is the successful bi-product of this (insane) decision. 


I’m not here to say that “if I can do it, so can you” but I am here to say, if you want to do it, and you’re not sure how, we’re here to help! If you want to do it, but you don’t have the network of support or information, you can count on us. If you’re already doing it, but you’re faced with challenges, be it digital marketing, personal branding, time-management or even just connecting with other women (because we do that sometimes, us entrepreneur-types…we isolate ourselves aka we’re “focused”) we want BIZ Sassy to be your go-to resource to help you overcome your challenges and ultimately, step up your BIZ Sassy game! 


Oh, and I almost forgot: I like long walks on the beach, traveling, cooking, spending time with family & friends, reading, dancing and coffee. I really like coffee. 




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