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About Sera

Hey, I’m Sera!


I’m known for my curly hair, warm personality and healthy addiction to all things sweet, salty and caffeinated.


I’ve always been one to chart my own path. I was a childhood dancer and as such, was always following my passions, expressing my individuality and searching for new ways to foster creativity. My favourite styles were jazz and hip-hop. I loved the energy, confidence and sass expressed in every turn, thrust and high kick. Another passion of mine was, and will always be, travel. I began travelling from a young age and remember always yearning for my next adventure. As you can tell, I’ve always been a free-spirit who values artistic expression and personal freedom above all else.













My story begins when I landed my first “adult” job after graduation. I worked in the marketing department (a department of 1) for a Toronto based startup. I grew to love the structure, freedom and support of working in that type of environment. I thought, “this is exactly where I need to be.”


Then, fast forward to two years later when I was laid off from that great position (I mean how can you really argue with free beer Fridays?). I croaked. I searched and searched for that next great opportunity but nothing (and I mean nothing!) fit the bill. I applied to marketing roles, went on interviews and met with managers for positions that I was never really excited about to begin with. 


I felt uninspired from what felt like a never ending struggle to find my fit. For a period of time, I totally lost hope and it really affected my self-confidence. As a Taurus, I loathed not being able to control my destiny or personal path to freedom. I was applying for jobs, freelancing here and there, going on interviews and still nothing. I read blogs, articles, joined Facebook groups, attended networking events and still felt even more lost.


And, when I did finally find a full time job working as an Event Coordinator, the lack of freedom to not pursue my professional passions (as a copywriter) on the side (as in, that was one of the reasons why I was let go) confirmed that I was not equipped for this type of environment. So, just like anyone else in search of enlightenment, I turned to Google for answers. I talked to loved ones and even confided in strangers on the internet trying to understand how to make it as a freelancer. And yet again, the spiral of confusion continued.











For so long I blamed myself. I realize now that it was not my fault. I now understand why it took me so long to find out who I am and who I want to be. I didn’t have a community to turn to. I had my friends who encouraged me but I realized what I needed was a support system. A community which would push me to reach my personal and professional goals. Regardless of whether you’re young, old, retired or a new professional, it’s never too early or late to follow and kickstart your dreams.


My why for co-founding a community like BIZ Sassy is really a by-product of my own personal experiences as a young professional gone amiss. I am inspired to break the cycle of entrepreneurship. I’m inspired to build a community that breaks the mold for women like you.


BIZ Sassy is a network, community and support system that cheers each other on when we’re up but more importantly, raises us up when we’re down. It’s a community which provides real world advice, skills and hands-on learning from a girl who wishes she had this as a new professional in her early 20’s.



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