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Can we get real for a quick second here? Can we talk about the fact that running your own business isn’t as glammed up as it seems? Pretty photos, inspirational quotes, coffee memes and fluffy filters aside, being self-employed is a s*it load of HARD work!! It is a whole lot of juggling, rescheduling, stressing, not eating, overeating, not sleeping, anxiety, self-doubt, apologizing and feeling guilty (for you know, not being around, not being a friend, being too busy, too stressed, too tired, too apologetic… etc. etc.) all mixed in with that exhilaratingly magical feeling of running your own show (and for me, having the ability to work in my pajama or whatever oversized and overworn t-shirt I choose to put on that day).


There are days, when everything is going so beautifully and we’re super motivated and pumped which causes us to spend time searching for deep meaningful quotes to share on social media so we can express to the world just how freaking happy and grateful we are that we get to do what we love. On those days, I swear I can hear birds chirping as I’m half certain that tiny forest creatures are on their way scurrying to my door so I can feed them honey-roasted nuts while I sing about how wonderful my day is. Can you relate? Is it just me? It’s just me, isn’t it? Ok, I’ve shared too much. Point is, I LOVE those days! Those are the days that make me believe I possess superpowers allowing me to change the world, one blog post, workshop or brand at a time.


Then there’s the other days. The days when s*it gets real!


On these days, much like many many MANY others, I’m usually one email away from a total meltdown. It’s a day when, despite the fact that I’m running on 3 hours of sleep, there is still not enough time to get it all done (I slept less, should I not have more time?). On one of those days, no matter how much I’ve done, somehow, I did nothing at all (like WTF!?). Thing is, it’s not like I got to rest either. Literally, the day just went on without me. On days like this I feel like I’m not very good at anything (at all). I’m irritable. Tired. Cranky. I want to rest but feel like I don’t deserve it because, what did I actually accomplish today? It’s a day when I feel like I’m not being a very good mom, wife or human. I really don’t love those days.


BUT, despite the fact that running your own business is hard and comes with a good dose of “those” days, it is important to remember that it will pass and a new ‘happy quote’ day will surely come – not sure about those tiny forest creatures though.


The reality is, it is hard. It is challenging and we (women) often feel guilty for wanting success or for even being willing to sacrifice our roles as “perfect” moms or wives or friends or whatever in order to achieve success. It is actually the pressure we put on ourselves to try and do it all, “perfectly”, which makes us crack (not to mention the lack of sleep and/or self-care), and lead us to a surplus of those days. So, I lovingly remind myself (and you) that there are still only 24 hours in a day and that I we am are human and that we can only do so much and be so many things.


Bottom line is, it might take a certain kind of personality to handle the pressures of running a business without being phased by the overwhelming nature of it all. For the rest of us, lets just be honest and agree that there are “good” days and “bad” days and that both are very real and are worth acknowledging.


If you’re thinking of starting your own business, understanding both of these realities is a must. They will both happen. Sometimes, on the same day. If you’re already in business, and you’re reading this nodding your head because you seem to be having quite a few of “those” days, I promise, tomorrow is a new day and I am 100% certain that no one has ever handled life, business or anything else perfectly – ever. Nor should you. And that, is ok!! Doing your best, is very much ok.


PS. If anyone sees the tiny forest creatures, please tell them that I stress-ate all the honey-roasted nuts.



Share your experiences with us by commenting below. And it’s not b*tching – we’re relating (sassy style!).


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