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Carmen Zong
Founder | Candy Float Marketing


My name is Carmen Zong and I am the founder of Candy Float Marketing. Aside from my devotion to a newly founded company, I also acts as a business consultant in various industries such as fashion, art, cosmetics and education.

From countless hours and years of experience working as a Marketing and Public Relations Lead in the special events industry, I soon realized how vital a marketing strategy is to a business. Particularly, a small business. It is my belief that many business owners are concerned more about sales and underestimate the importance of marketing. As someone who started from scratch, I understand how difficult it is to start and run a business.

The most successful companies in the world are committed to promoting their brand and products in the eyes of the consumer. Their products sell themselves, but without a strategic marketing plan, it all fails.

You’re constantly worried about numbers and sales. Although sales are essential to a business, I strongly believe that an effective marketing strategy is more important than monthly sales, especially in the long run. If you can put your faith within me and my company, you will soon see how effective a strategic marketing plan can be.

I am committed to helping Toronto based small businesses in the city that I love the most. If your business is struggling and you can’t understand why, give me a call for a free consultation.

If you are in need of a customized, detail orientated marketing or business strategy, contact Candy Float Marketing.

“When you fall in love for the first time, it just happens. It’s the same with your business, it just starts and everyone is nervous in the beginning.”

-Carmen Z. Founder of Candy Float Marketing