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Christina C
Lux Dental Group


A little about me: Hello!  My name is Christina. I’m married to my wonderful and supportive husband whom we have been together for nearly 19 years.  We have one beautiful and energetic 4 year old son that loves life just as much as we do. Both our parents and family are a huge part of our sons life and we try to stay connected to family and friends because that’s important to us.

I’m a dental hygienist and I own and operate Lux Dental Group here in Toronto.  Following the footsteps from my parents, I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit in me.  For that reason, choosing a career with the possibility of growing was a huge decision. Not only to lead my son by example but to leave a legacy behind for him.  Having said that said I love meeting new people, sharing stories, relishing in ones milestones for those who wish to share with me…..oh and helping those under my care achieve optimal oral health!

I literally started Lux from ground up.  In fact I was reminded with a premonition of a fortune cookie that said “you are almost there”.  A reminder that even the universe is on my side – it was just a matter of time. So after some encouragement, incredible mentorship and support from family, I made the biggest leap of my life.  Here I thought raising a child was challenging! Lux was another baby that I had to nurture, teach and raise and I can confidently say we’re growing! But the very early process teaches you to have patience, learn how to be strong, understand that failing is necessary in order to grow, did I say have patience??  Just like every business we need to increase our client base to keep us afloat. With such a competitive industry we need to stay ahead of the game with exceptional customer service, state of the art equipment and a commitment to our clients oral health.

We’re fast approaching our second year in October 2019.  Part of growing and learning requires reflections on the past year and learn where we can improve, listen to our customers listen to ourselves.  A few months ago I dug up that old fortune that reminded me I was nearly there. Growth will only flourish in positive thoughts so I did what was natural to me…..i AM there.