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Emily Miszk
Mortgage Agent


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My name is Emily Miszk. I am a mortgage agent with a wonderful organization called The Mortgage Coach. I am super passionate about the mortgage industry. It is all I have ever done in my “adult” life. I started out in the banking world when I was 21 a whole 3 days after I graduated from WESTERN in London Ont. It was an easy job to get. I worked in the ‘mortgage servicing department’ right out of school. I figured I would do the gig until I could land a government job in Toronto since I had just completed four years of undergrad focusing on history and politics. 

Fast forward 8 years;  I had fallen in love with mortgages, sales, relationship building and most of all getting people into their homes with as little stress as possible. I became a top performer, a coach, leader and mentor to many of my peers. I left the sales side and moved into a lending advisor role where I supported teams across Canada who were learning in the branches how to help clients. Next off to projects. How can I help the bank get mortgages approved faster? The hours were long, and the projects were huge. BUT I LOVED IT… until I held my son for the first time. 

I took one look into those beautiful eyes and kissed his cheeks then said goodbye to the long hours and commute. I had to change everything up to be with my new best friend. Ronald is turning 3 this month (November) and it was the best decision I have ever made. I now have a whole new appreciation for my clients and referral partners because they allow me a lifestyle whereby, I can still be an expert, help people and be a hands-on mom and community member. Life feels busy because I now have a team, family and independent mortgage business but I am not chained to a desk 9-5 with a crazy commute. I work for me and I can help people on a deeper level because my clients are not numbers, they are individuals that I am privileged to be part of their home buying journey.  Boom mindset shift.

I have always loved what I do but doing it for myself, my partners and clients has made me a better mortgage agent and the care and feedback I get as a result is incredible. 2019 My brokerage won best brokerage in Canada and I won Diamond Mortgage Agent in Mississauga thanks to the Readers’ Choice Awards. I say it almost daily. I love my job, I love my team, I love my partners but mostly I love my clients. 

Beyond being a mom to my son, Ronald I am 7.5 months pregnant with my first daughter. Or maybe I’ll have given birth by the time this is shared. I am married to… queue cheesy music…my best friend Josh. We live and play in Port Credit with our Black Lab Jackson. I adore Port Credit and my slogan about living here is “It’s Cooler by the Lake.” I believe in consistently sharing gratitude because life is too short and full of so much to offer. 

Working with incredible people, in a community where I live and am raising my family is the best gift I could have ever created, and I am so excited to see the growth and changes 2020 has to offer. I always welcome networking events, workshops or seminars. Partnering with incredible people, learning and supporting each other through collaboration has been one of the best things to come of becoming an entrepreneur. I never think a mortgage related question is silly or dumb and I welcome anyone to always reach out because I love sharing my passion for numbers and savings with as many people as possible. So please reach out, message me or check me out on social media.  It would be my pleasure to get to know you better.