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Hi, I’m Lindsay Johnson, The Radical Connector. My passion for creating meaningful connections among various networks is rivalled only by my determination to help first-time entrepreneurs connect deeply to their businesses and connect their businesses to the world. My company was born out of a desire to support new business owners along their entrepreneurial journey by doing less work and earning more money by working with their perfect clients. I have been helping entrepreneurs and small business owners build their businesses from the ground up for 18 years. My knack for community building, strategic networking, and attraction based sales makes building a business fun, stress-free, and of course, profitable!

I am also the creator of the Rad Connectors Community; a tight-knit group of entrepreneurs under 5 years in business. It is a home for new business owners to connect, collaborate, and get the support essential in the first few years of business. (Plus, it’s just a ton of fun!)

Between my free community, online programs that take entrepreneurs from idea to empire, and public speaking in Vancouver and Toronto, I’ve got first-timers covered. You’ll never feel stuck or like you’re spinning your wheels with me in your corner.

As someone who was raised in an entrepreneurial family, my obsession with business development and people-forward growth strategy has taken me on some wild rides over my lifetime. Never being one to pass up an opportunity to learn something new or test my skills, I’ve had my hands in consulting and facilitating leadership development, retreats, public speaking, community growth, and small business development in Canada, the USA, and Mexico.

But that doesn’t mean it’s come easy and I haven’t faced my own uphill battles in life and business. Throughout the development of my business idea, implementation and growth I have also gone through a painful divorce, moved 5000 km across the country (twice), and embraced her LGBT roots. I can also speak at length about the tough choices and sacrifices required to prioritize self-care, mental health, and radical self-acceptance in order to build a business in total alignment with my vision and values.

My generosity, business brilliance, and infinite patience in supporting first-time entrepreneurs in my community has made me a rock in many business owners’ lives. I’ll help you dig down to the truth of who you are, what you want out of life, and how to make all of your business dreams a reality.

Quote: Life is short. Entrepreneurship is hard. Do what you love!