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Amanda Khan Aka Mandy K.
Owner of Cuffed Creatives


I have always had that B.Y.O.B mentality, “Be your own boss”. A true spirit, that’s the creative in me.

After graduating in Advertising and Marketing, I landed an internship with one of Toronto’s Top Ad Agencies.  It was an inspiring and joyous moment when I first saw my TTC foot safety ad and bubble gum ad for littering, displayed on every subway platform.

It was the realization that I CAN do that; creating something that makes a difference, that  drove me to launch C.U.F.F.E.D Creatives seven years ago. Creative Unique Flare Fitting Design Creatives.

I had been working full-time in the Disability Insurance sector for years and at the same time, planning my wedding, on top of buying my first home. For most, these would seem like daunting tasks, however, when I put my mind to something, I get it done. I am always driven!

I did my research and started structuring my business on services.  At C.U.F.F.E.D Creatives, we pride ourselves on the production of quality custom designs created to a customer’s specific requirements. We offer everything from brand identity, creative graphic design, print, advertising and much more!

I have a passion for bringing existing or new brands to life and after landing my first few clients, I made it official by registering the business!

This has been a permanent part-time job for me and has opened many doors.  I’ve built many long-lasting relationships along the way and worked with a variety of businesses.  I thank everyone for their faith and trust in helping to bring their visions to life!

There have been times where it’s been challenging to maintain a work life balance with family, my husband and my baby girl, all while pursuing my dreams, but with the right support, I’m making this dream become a full-time reality and expanding my outlets.  Make way for this #Mompreneur

I live by our C.U.F.F.E.D motto, “P.O.P”, Possibilities Over Potential!