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Maya Deiulis
Owner |  Just Two Girls


I had an 18 year career as an Executive Director for a prominent Toronto surgeon.  One day my sisters and I received news turning our lives upside-down. Our father was diagnosed with the big “C’ and within 7 weeks he was taken from us. Sometimes in life things happen that makes us reflect and realize that life is too short and this was that moment for me.

My sister and I collaborated and wanted to do something that made us truly happy , fulfilled,  and in a small way, make someone else happy. Even though leaving my successful career was one of the hardest decisions I had to make, I knew I had to follow my passion. I didn’t want to live with any “I should have” or “could have” regrets. I also wanted my children to know that dreams are attainable if you work hard and believe in yourself , and if you have people around you who believe in you.

This is how “Just Two Girls” was born.

I took my love of fashion and my sister’s creative eye to create a space that carries unique and quality pieces, that would make women feel sexy, confident and beautiful. We make it our goal to give women, of all ages and sizes, a space where they can feel comfortable and happy. We take pride in getting to know our clients personally, and in helping them find the perfect outfit.  Each client is always greeted by their name, by either my sister or myself, and this makes them feel special and important, which they are.

Over the years of getting to know our clients we realized that everyone has a unique career or story and this is how our YouTube channel, Just Two Girls TALK , was created. Each week, we feature clients and their stories with the hopes of inspiring or helping others. Our topics range from mental health, diet, relationships, marriage as well as featured female entrepreneurs. We truly believe this platform will inspire , empower and uplift women because when women support each other, incredible things happen!

In reflection, I realized that this little store in The Junction, has changed me as a women as well. What I thought was just a dream, I made reality. What I thought I couldn’t do, I did. What I thought was the impossible, I made possible.  We have the honour of meeting and learning from such beautiful women everyday and they have all made me stronger, which is what we hope we can do for them.