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Stacey Watson Earle
Founder & Creative Director

Watson & Co. Events
Event Planning and Management


Stacey Watson Earle is a graduate with Honours of the Special Events Management Program from George Brown College and former Event Coordinator for the Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex. Stacey started her career over a decade ago in the hospitality industry and is known for her organization, dedication and elegant style. Her calm, collected demeanor has ushered many a bride through the stressful wedding planning process and her commitment to excellence is obvious in every one of her weddings.

Experienced in managing swish Corporate events, unique and memorable Fundraising events and elegant Weddings, Stacey brings her expertise in Event Planning and Management to ensure your guests have the right lasting impression.

Unforgettable Excellence.

A Little About My Journey:

I have had jobs since I was 14, but I started my hospitality and events career at 19 and have been committed to creating exceptional experiences for people ever since.

I’ve worked in Hotels, Restaurants, Venues, National Sports Teams, Not-For-Profits, Retail and even as a School Program and Camp Counsellor for one year. Every position taught me something, every role made me into the person I am today. But I think one of the experiences that shaped me the most was probably one of the riskiest (including quitting my job and starting my own business!)

In my early twenties, I decided on a change of scenery. So I quit my position at Hockey Canada, packed my car, drove across the country and moved from Calgary to Toronto with no job, no permanent housing and no friends or family in the city.

Thankfully, within a week and a half, I had both a job and an apartment, though not without some adventures and struggles along the way. It was incredibly challenging but I learned a great deal about perseverance and hard work. I think the lesson I took away from that leap of faith, (and it was a monumental leap of faith), is that to succeed, you really need to show up. Make an appearance, get out there and stop saying “what if”. Just do it, and if it doesn’t work out, you’ll figure it out. No one ever ends up where they thought they would. Every speed bump on your journey, every twist and turn leads you the path you you were supposed to be on.

It certainly gave me the confidence to leave my position at Liberty Grand and start my own business. Now my time is spent working with clients almost entirely on a referral basis, who trust me with some of the most important days of their lives.  Not every leap of faith works out how you think it will, but how will you know until you try?