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Stefani Blazevic, BA, CHRP
Founder | HR & Recruitment Consultant
Inflo HR


After working for 6 years in Human Resources within an agency and corporate environment, becoming HR certified and starting my Masters in HR, I knew it was time to embark on my entrepreneurial journey. This had been a goal of mine for several years however, life happened and somewhat stalled the launch of the business. One of the greatest things I’ve learned through all of this is you can truly do anything you put your mind too.

I went through a lot of fear before stepping out on my own which came from many places and, I can tell you a few months in, I am already questioning why I didn’t do this earlier! I hope to be an advocate for those with disabilities and let them know you can still aspire to reach all of your dreams and goals as this was one of my hardest life lessons, I want people just like me to know, you can do this.

Currently, I am working with clients on strategic HR projects while completing my thesis for my Masters and I hope to take on larger clients when I have the bandwidth to do so in the New Year!

Inflo HR’s serves small to mid-size businesses and candidates through technology-driven human resources and brand management services to support and align their business strategy, placing people first. My mission is to provide technology-driven human resources and brand management services to support small to mid-size companies in aligning their business strategy with their people. Whether you’re an employer or a professional, we will help your brand flo from within.