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Tiffany Sly
Leading Visionary Sales & Marketing Maven and Personal Brand Guru



After working in Marketing & Advertising for over 10 years, I joined my family Real Estate business in 2007 and successfully ran my own business selling residential real estate in Toronto. I did all of the marketing for the business for the last 13 years. One day I stumbled across the love of my life, now Fiancé, and I followed him across the world to Brisbane, Australia. This turned my life upside down, but in a good way. It forced me to make a much needed change and embark on a whole new set of challenges – moving across the world with my dog, transitioning off my successful 13 year real estate business and starting over in a tropical country with a whole new set of standards and practices. I embraced this and faced it head on. 

Just before I moved to Brisbane I got certified as a Coach Practitioner and a Real Estate Coach and launched my online business – The Art of Modern Real Estate – so I could coach Agents looking to better their business and their marketing in today’s modern world. 

Since moving to Brisbane permanently in June, I am now a fully licensed Agent, have taken the research I’ve gained here over the last year, being back and forth from Canada, and I’ve adjusted my business slightly to adapt to the market to find what my clients truly need. I’ve found my ’niche’ as a Visionary Sales & Marketing Maven and Personal Brand Guru and I’ve adapted my business to assist entrepreneurs and solopreneurs in all industries. I am also so proud to announce my newest one-on-one 60 day program – The Marketing Badass Accelerator (MBA) Program – providing industry leaders with clever and simple strategies to transform the way they work, break the marketing mould, and build their most authentic and outstanding business.

Some may think I’m crazy, some may think I’m brave, but I just feel I had to take that leap. It was a risk I was willing to take to push me out of my comfort zone and put myself to the greatest test. It was scary but I had faith I would be OK and I would find my groove in this new life. I took the fear and stress and I’ve redirected it into leveraging what my passions are and harnessing them in order to create the business I’m passionate about and the life I want – which is what I now help others do in their lives and businesses. It’s all made sense and has lead me to where I am now.

My Fiancé and I are happier than ever, it’s always summer here, I have less stress in my life, I am living my passions, our dogs are in love and we hope to start a family very soon and set our roots down in this tropical paradise.