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In 2017 I was introduced to a gym. Correction, I was persuaded by a very good friend of mine, who happens to be a member of this gym, to join what I felt at the time, was the kind of place I could never imagine myself stepping foot into. It was the dreaded B word! It was….BOOTCAMP (ouch, that hurt just writing it). But, said friend, who I knew was a wise and sensible person and would only ever want the best for me, assured me that this place was like no other. That this place, wasn’t just a bootcamp. It was a family. She assured me that, despite my physical and health limitations, I could “do this”! 


Naturally, I went against all my senses and logic (I mean…bootcamp!?), and I signed up for their 6 week challenge. That was it. I was either going to kill it, or it was going to kill me. 









Update…not only did I survive, but I fell in love with
Go Girl Transformation. I also lost 30 lbs and felt better than I ever did and, my incredibly smart friend was absolutely right! I did it and I killed it! This place, these women, the trainers (OMG the trainers!!)…this is not just a bootcamp. In fact, it is everything a woman needs in order to get healthy and thrive. Their tagline is Fitness with a heart…and, that is exactly what Go Girl is! It is support. It is a community. It is nutrition. It is a kick a$$ workout. It is guidance and knowledge and power and yes, family! It is freaking awesomeness to the 10th degree! And, it is so much fun!!!



Fast forward to early 2019, when I received a message from one of the trainers informing me that she and the two other (female) trainers were taking over the gym AND they wanted my company to do their rebrand and website! The excitement…oh it was next level! Go Girl, previously owned and managed by a man (he was awesome, but yey girl power) was now going to be 100% for women, by women! I was so happy for them and for women business owners as a whole. I was proud and humbled that they wanted our help. I was also a little bit like, ‘oh it’s my turn now to whip you into shape’ *insert smug smirk here*. Listen, if you joined in on one of their Bootcamp H.I.I.T. classes, and did as many burpees as I have, you would have totally had the same reaction too! So don’t judge!


On September 7, 2019, we attended their Open House. It was a celebration of their rebrand, new website and most importantly, was a celebration of their members and their own journey from trainers to owners. This day was so important for the Markham community, that it warranted a visit from Mayor Frank Scarpitti. How cool is that!? The Open House was just as incredible as I thought it would be. So much care and thought went into it. We were all smiles (though, a bit of that had to do with the fact that they fed us cake, cupcakes and cannolis, which is clearly not part of their recommended meal plan). But, to be fair, we also enjoyed veggie wraps from Freshii, kale smoothies from Booster Juice and protein balls from Fusion Fit Foods. Balance is the key to life after all, and a really great Open House.


















To the incredible owners of Go Girl Transformation, Yeeshin, Lina and Pam, did you ever make me proud to be a woman! Your dedication, kindness, and genuine care for your members, myself included, is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced at any gym. Though you show it at every class, your clients will likely never know just how much you truly value and care for them. I know because through the entire rebranding process, your number one goal was always to make your members happy and proud. It was a pleasure working with and working out with you. Here’s to bringing the sass, Go Girl style and to your success and continued growth! 


P.S. We likely ate more cupcakes and cannolis than we should have. We have zero regrets! 













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